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If you’re a special needs mom, you can relate to the annoying realization that comes with no longer fitting neatly into societal norms.  Your life is different now.  Way different.  Your child may not be considered typical, but as a special needs mom, you aren’t typical anymore either.

I mean, wouldn’t you like to to have a full six hours of sleep every night?  Wouldn’t you prefer to appear relaxed instead of walking around looking like you’ve  been on a ten day binge because your child has decided sleep is no longer a necessity of life?  In the place of snoozing, he’s found he’d rather knock on his door throughout the night, which alerts your dog that a visitor is at the door … and between the knocking and barking, you just can’t sleep.  Who could?

Does this sound remotely familiar?

And oh my, wouldn’t you like to have the time to binge watch Scandal on Netflix?  Binge watching … we’ve heard of it, but haven’t tried it yet.  It sounds quite wonderful.  Heck, I’d settle for watching one uninterrupted episode.  haha.

How we’d enjoy feeding ourselves without worrying if our kiddos are going to swallow wrong, have an allergic reaction, or choke.

…drinking a cup of Starbucks while it’s still halfway hot.  I hear it’s heavenly, but haven’t a clue.  It still remains hearsay.

…for our houses to stay Pine Sol fresh and clean for more than fifteen minutes at a time.  I admit, I sometimes take pictures on my cell phone the second I’ve cleaned just so I can bask in the glory of it all.

We wish our kids wouldn’t escape if a door or window is left slightly ajar, because then we wouldn’t have to check, re-check, and then check every single door and window again.  And again.  And again.

We’d pass out cold if our family members were supportive of our unorthodox lives.  “What can we do to make the holidays work better for your family this year?”  Would be nice.  Or even, “Your family is actually invited for Christmas this year.”  haha.

And we’d give anything to have friends who stick … who wouldn’t walk out of our lives when things with our kiddos get uncomfortable, complicated, or tough.

We’d like to go to church the way other people go to church.

We can’t remember the last time we went a full day without fearing for our child’s future.

We keep ourselves healthy so we’ll (hopefully) outlive them.

And we pray for them with every breath.

Wed like to eat out without worrying that our kid will melt down, get up and join the family seated at the next table, or hurl a roll at the nicely dressed man who’s seated nearby.

We’d like to attend the symphony, an opera, or a theatrical play.

…to go camping again.

…to skip a therapy appointment or two.

…to never see a pediatric heart surgeon again.

…and to hear our kiddos say “I love you”.

This is our reality.  And it’s why we bond together so effortlessly.  No one gets us the way we get us.

We may not be typical any longer, and we may not fit into society’s box, but we clearly see what’s important in life.  Our list is short, and it doesn’t include clean houses, perfect holiday parties, or the opera.  It’s actually only three words.

Love, Patience, and Acceptance.

And that might be worth more than all the hot Starbuck’s Caffe’ Lattes on the planet.

The following is a clip about one of those societal norms that we just don’t have time for anymore.  Enjoy: