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Being the mom of a special needs kiddo has been likened to the job of a combat soldier.  At least the stress level.  Well, I am the mom of two special needs hooligans, and I can totally relate on most days.  It’s easy to get lost in the monotony of it all.  Then there’s the isolation and loneliness.  And that fact that most people cannot relate.  Or how about that schedule?  And the fighting for your child at every turn?

Uhhhh, yeh. Put all of those kinds of things together and add the worry about your child’s future and BOOM!  Combat soldier level stress.  But The Lord says we are to rejoice and be glad in each and every day.  He knows what our days and nights are like, because He ordained them.  He chose this calling for us.  Obviously, then, we are equipped … which implies that rejoicing and being glad are choices we can make.

So today, even if you’re feeling like a combat soldier, take the time to rejoice and be glad. Maybe there’s a secret benefit to us when we make that choice.  I believe there is!

Just my thoughts,