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There’s a time in your life that is so profound, it’s beyond words.  Maybe you were a young child sitting in the middle of a long pew, and you had to work your way through a group of old ladies who smelled of Avon’s Sweet Honesty in order to get to the aisle … or perhaps you were at a revival meeting where the visiting pastor had a shock of white hair, wore a three piece suit, and spit enough spittle to fill a small bucket when he got on his holy roll … or was it a camp meeting, way out behind the cover of tall pines around a blazing bonfire with the sounds of crickets and frogs competing with the three part harmony of Our God Is An Awesome God? … Where it happened is only a minor detail.  What really matters is that you’ll never forget how your heart thumped, how your hands trembled, and how your knees nearly buckled when you realized you were lost and in desperate need of Jesus.

It had to happen in that moment.

Because the sense of urgency was beyond anything you’d ever experienced before.

And so you asked the Savior Of The World into your heart.

You gave Him your life.

All of it.

And for a time, you allowed Jesus to lead you.  The focus was on Him.  After all, what did you, a mere sinner who was created from the dust of the earth, do to deserve eternal life?  Not a thing.  Your life had been bought with an extreme price, and you were fully aware of the fact that Jesus had left the glory of heaven to come to earth and suffer an indescribably cruel death for your sake.  That if you had been the only one, He would’ve died for you.

Oh my goodness, with the weight of that truth comes a crashing wave of humility.  So great is His love.  But the human race is born into sin, and as has been proven throughout the passage of time, sin is a difficult habit to break.  Abraham, Moses, King David, Sampson, Peter … each a legendary patriarch of our faith … yielded to sin.  To think we’re immune to darkness when such strong men of the faith fell, is evidence of pride.  And sin all began when the enemy of all enemies dared to believe he deserved to be on equal footing with God.

“Let ME be God!”

Pride was Lucifer’s achilles heel, and it remains at the root of every defiance against our holy Father.  When we sin, no matter the category it falls under, the bold heading at the top of the page is PRIDE.  Our will over God’s will.  Yes, we begin our journey of salvation on the right path, but what the world has to offer is so tempting, so seductive.  And eventually, we stumble.  Sometimes we fall flat on our faces.

Thankfully, though, we serve a God who is absolute grace and mercy, and in His abundance of love for us, He lifts our blinders to allow us to get a glimpse of who we are.  Just like a child who is caught in the act of disobedience, He shines the spotlight on our weaknesses.  And in those divine moments, we again realize that we are powerless against our nature.  That without Him, we truly are nothing.  This is the gift of repentance.  This is how we are transformed into His likeness.  It’s part of the salvation process, the working out of our faith….so when we finally do see our Savior face to face, we’re ready.

“But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit.”  

Just my thoughts!!!