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What is God’s price for Kingdom real estate?

What is the down payment for that mansion made of gold?

The parable of the talents, found in the book of Matthew, suggests that how we use our lives will hold weight in heaven.

The cost?


Just as the soft whisper of a drifting spark can ignite a roaring blaze of heat, every person has been given a gift, a purpose….a spark.   Within each of us, lies a flicker of hope, love, and encouragement that can set the world on fire.

For God.

Some have been gifted with monetary wealth, some are able to build with their hands….while others have the ability to empower and teach.  Think about it.  Among us are listeners, gift givers, thinkers, healers, servants, inventors, writers, and  sympathizers.  We each have something that was given to us so we could give it away.

We all have something unique to give.

Scripture doesn’t say “Well done thou good and successful servant” … it says “faithful servant”.  We aren’t measured, then by how the world rates success.  The Lord cares about our efforts.  He wants us to unleash our gifts with reckless abandon from an abundance of love.

For Him.

So when all is said and done, on the day we face the Lover Of Our Souls, we will be measured simply … by the purity of our hearts and by our love.

Just my thoughts!