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Today is my 49th birthday.  Don’t you find that as you get older, birthdays serve as a time of reflection?  They become milestones, markers of sort, that represent who we are and the meaning of our existence.  I’ve made some brilliant moves in my life, but I’ve made some whopper mistakes as well.  While my heart holds fountains of joy, it also reflects the stagnation of regret.  It’s life.  And all blended together, the final hope, perhaps, is that our lives end up as a mirror, displaying only the image of our Creator.  Where Melanie once was, now is only God.

My two youngest are non-verbal.  And they get it.  They were born getting it and as a result, they’ll never harbor an ounce of regret.  Hope and Charlie will always be image-bearers.  People consider them to have special needs, but those people have it all wrong.  It is we who can learn from them.  Here is my morning birthday celebration with the two who have turned my life upside down and all around in the most amazing way.  Happy Birthday to ME!!!