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To most people, a superhero represents someone otherworldly who fights evil and promotes good.  This person is practically perfect in every sense of the world.  Balancing compassion and mercy with a raw hunger for justice, this warrior is able to overcome seemingly impossible odds in order to protect the weak.  He is a guardian, a defender, and as long as he is present, all in the universe is balanced.  


And while most all special needs kiddos enjoy the likes of Spiderman, the real superheroes are quite possibly the ones who are behind the scenes in the day to day muck of life…demonstrating love, acceptance, long-suffering, and the patience of Job.


In my case, they are intelligent, beautiful young women who could earn just as much money babysitting for typical kids.  Instead, though, they choose to make a difference in the life of a child who doesn’t have the attention span capable for a Disney movie or a picture book…and who is unable to understand the rules of a simple board game.  

They could spend their time with a child who is is able to verbalize his or her needs, but choose to be with a  nonverbal kiddo who expects them to be mind readers, seeing all…knowing all…and being all.



They routinely get smothered in slobbery kisses, slathered in mud-coated fingers, and clobbered by food that’s been thrown by the hand of a frustrated child…and take it all in stride, with a smile.


Vigilance is constantly required to make sure the escape artist doesn’t breakout while under their watch and that no one ends up playing inside of the toilet, climbing up on a dresser, or hiding in a garbage can.  

Yet they don’t see a broken human being who needs to be fixed.  They see a perfect little someone who simply needs an extra set of helping hands.


My Dream Team (as I call them) are amazing.  I trust them, depend on them, and adore them.  But when I watch my kiddos grow and blossom under their care, I know they are much more than any label I could give.  

Because they really are Superheroes.

Promoting Good.

Balancing compassion and mercy with a raw hunger for justice.

Overcoming seemingly impossible odds in order to protect the weak.

Guardians and Defenders.

Balancing the Universe. 

Practically perfect in every sense of the word.