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You were finally able to lay your head down and go to sleep around 2am only to be awakened at 6am by the sound of giggles.  When you entered his room, he’d painted his walls in poop…along with his face.  After throwing him into a bathtub filled with bubbles, hoping to get him in and out at lightning speed so you can put him back to bed and manage a few extra moments of sleep, you hear the pitter patter of another set of feet.  Oh, this one.  Non-verbal, she simply wraps her arms around your neck and squeezes tight with a smile.  It’s officially time for the day to begin.

Charlie Piano

Throughout the day, you try to do laundry, sweep floors, cook, and return a few phone calls.  You honestly do.  But it’s all to no avail.  Within the first couple of hours, the little red-head has climbed up high into his window sill and is barely teetering there, has splashed in the toilet, and has stripped down buck naked at least ten times.  As for the gal with ringlet curls, she has choked on a banana, pulled the red-head’s hair, and has hidden where you still can’t find her.  And lunch?  That’s a fiasco.

Hopey North Carolina

After lunch, you attempt to read books to them, to color with crayons, and to work a puzzle.  They aren’t interested.  The books are turned away, the crayons chewed upon, and the puzzle pieces thrown about the room.  You say the words “I love you” more times than you can count, but you probably say the words “no” and “stop” even more.  You swipe tears (sometimes your own), clean wounds (sometimes your own), and fight to brush hair and teeth.  Dinner?  Yeh, that’s a fiasco too.

After dinner, you begin to watch the clock, hoping this will be the day when the ragamuffins decide to actually go to bed at a regular time.  They don’t.  You give baths, pull out colorful puppets who love to read bedtime stories, and allow the tickle monster a few extra minutes to create wild and crazy giggles.  You do it all.  Every. Single. Day.  You are the parent of special needs kiddos.  You’re exhausted, you sometimes forget who you used to be, and you wonder if you’re doing enough….if you are enough.

Mom, Hope, Charlie

If you’ve taken the time to read down this far, you need to hear this.  You are enough.  Your job can be summed up with three simple words:  Just Be Available.  That’s it.  Being available for your child(ren) is your calling, and it is the most amazing calling there is.  “Whatever you do for the least of these, you do for ME.”  That verse is HUGE!  Whatever you do literally means whatever you do.  None of it is in vain…every single action of every single second is being noticed by The One who created us for this job and by The One who created our children to be exactly who they are.



There is purpose in it all, so JUST BE AVAILABLE today!