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How many of you have kiddos whose sensory issues are so severe that eating is a battle war?  Take comfort, because I am in the trenches with you.  Every day, all day, I am looking for a way to get Charlie to EAT!  Now he’ll suck down a bottle of puree’d food in two seconds flat, probably breaking some kind of record.  But he will not put anything else in that mouth of his.  On more than one occasion, I’ve held the kid down and used a pretty impressive wrestling hold (including the use of both of my arms and legs) to try to pry his jaws open, but to no avail.

Picture this:

“It’s just an itty bitty Lucky Charm marshmallow, Charlie,” I sing in a nice, hopeful sort of way.

In response, not appreciative of my sweet sing sing voice at all, my little cheese puff’s arms and legs start flailing wildly.

“For the sake of lucky leprechauns,”  I respond, with a bit more grit than intended, “they truly are magically delicious!”

Arms and legs still flailing….but now he adds a vicious growl.

“It will melt in your mouth as soon as it hits your tongue.  You’ll love it….I promise!”  I growl back.  (Yes, an eensy weensy bit viciously)

And then I go in for the dunk, aiming for his slightly ajar mouth.  But his jaws clamp down…and then, there’s those teeth…it’s like Cujo hyped up on steroids.  Scary stuff. And then I wonder if I’m traumatizing him or if he’s traumatizing me?  I can’t even look at a box of Lucky Charms anymore without recalling the memories.

Recently, though, I sort of found a solution to this madness.  I say sort of, because it isn’t working perfectly yet, but I think I may be onto something…and truthfully, I’m willing to cling to most anything.

Over Christmas, I found this in Williams Sonoma:


I’ve seen these ice pop molds many times before, but the pang of desperation pushed me to purchase it and give it a whirl:

IMG_0874 IMG_0871

Now you should know, I’ve tried every flavor and color of popsicle/ice cream bar dozens of times before, but for some reason, this ZOKU mold was different for him.  It may have been his mood, or the time of day….it may have been he somehow knew I paid way more for the thing than it was worth and felt some pity for his old lady….I don’t know.  But he actually stuck out his tongue and licked it (which was a big score for mom!)  I actually think he might have been curious about the product’s shape and size.  It’s definitely small and interesting looking.  Whatever the reason, he licked it….and more than once….and has continued to do so (even when I filled it with carrot/apple juice).

So here’s my tip for the day.  Don’t give up!  I can speak on this, because I have felt like giving up and giving in so many times….even picturing Charlie sucking pureed food from a bottle when he’s thirty-three years old and being oddly OK with it. Right now, the ZOKU Ice Pop Mold is helping me make progress with Charlie, so I’m going to hang on and ride this pony as long as I can, hoping it will take us to a new adventure.  Who knows?  Maybe our next stop will be a Lucky Charm Marshmallow.  (insert evil laugh)

Comment and let me know what has worked for your child: